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Field Care of Your Trophy

1. Gut your deer as soon as possible
2. Never cut the throat, you do not need to bleed the deer.
3. You do not need to remove the windpipe, leaving it in the animal will not ruin the meat.
4. Avoid dragging or hanging with a rope around the neck.
5. Bring the hide to the taxidermist or freeze as soon as possible.

Make a cut 4 to 6 inches behind the front shoulder all the way around the deer. Pull the hide up over the legs and cut through the bone right above the knees (Pull it off like a short sleeve shirt). Peel the skin up to the base of the skull and cut through the meat and spine, removing the head.

If you can't get the hide to the taxidermist right away, roll it up and freeze in a garbage bag. Please feel free to call 763-434-3709 if you have any questions, or we would be happy to cape your deer for you.

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