Deer Hop


Our Story

Whitetail Country Scents is a family owned business located in East Bethel, MN. The Musker Family has been raising deer since 1995. It started off as a great hobby and since Chuck is a full-time Taxidermist, it gave him the opportunity to study deer up close.

Chuck has been an avid hunter his whole life and has tried just about every scent on the market. Over the years he found that these scents just weren't working for him.
He started throwing his hunting clothes right in the pen with our first doe (Jumper). After Jumper chewed, bedded and had her way with them, Chuck started really seeing the deer in the wild respond to them.

First, Chuck started collecting the urine for his family and friends. Our scent is collected and bottled naturally, fresh and never frozen. No fancy gimmicks or additives (not even water); each bottle comes from an individual deer. We wanted to supply other serious hunters with the freshest, purest scent they can get! We have large 4 oz bottles, so you can use it generously. Because believe me, deer never just pee an ounce!

We are also very active in our community, taking the fawns to many kid's programs, such as 4-H and youth shooting events. This gives the kids an opportunity to see the deer up close, petting them and asking questions.

Our farm is also open to the public, many people stop by to see the fawns or watch the bucks grow their antlers. We have given many preschool and daycare tours.
If you have an event you would like us to bring our fawns to, please contact us at:

763-434-3709 or